Our Mission: Make better use of land given declining natural resources and rising demand 

Arable land base continues to shrink every year at an alarming rate while demand for food & fuel soars. The US has lost 40 million acres of arable land in the past 40 years.




Citrus acreage is disappearing at an alarming rate due to disease. Over 500,000 acres lost (50% loss in 10 years).



Sugarcane abandoned due to cost of production and competition. 200,000 acres lost (100% loss in 20+ years).

Our Solution:  We grow a hardy, high yielding oilseed tree crop called pongamia



Working with TerViva™

At TerViva™, we develop high-yielding cultivars of pongamia and plant them with interested growers and land owners. Pongamia easily “drops in” to their existing operations, utilizing the same field setups and infrastructure.  TerViva™ then processes the seed pod harvest into vegetable oil and protein seed cake, which is sold to third parties for usage in fuels, chemicals and animal feed.

Current Projects

TerViva™ is currently establishing pilot projects and commercial size acreage in Hawaii and Florida -- geographies where the need for a new crop and the proper climate for pongamia intersect.  Please check our News page for the latest information on announced projects.

TerViva™ is a portoflio company of several high profile investors, including The Yield Lab, an ag-tech business accelerator based in St. Louis and the Elemental Excelerator, a business incubator working with mission driven start ups focusing on improving infrastructure, building community and sustainability. The Elemental Excelerator is supported by the Department of Energy, Department of the Navy, PICHTR (Pacific International Center for High Technology Research), and the Emerson Collective.