Michelle Ruda

Associate, Propagation

Michelle Ruda supports TerViva's propagation team where she helps to manage tree production through inventory management. She values pongamia’s potential to revitalize former citrus lands after witnessing firsthand the toll that greening disease has taken on the landscape of her home state.

Michelle tracks varieties of pongamia plantings to help ensure TerViva continues to propagate the highest-performing and most resilient trees. Her role brings together a passion for horticulture and experience in quality assurance and data entry and processing. Prior to joining TerViva, Michelle worked for more than five years as the shipping receiving manager at the production facility of a popular cold fill juice company. Prior to that, she spent more than five years in distribution and quality assurance at Walmart.

Michelle has served in executive volunteer capacity at the national humanitarian nonprofit United Way. In her spare time, she is an amateur worm farmer to more than 10,000 Malaysian Blue worms that serve as composters. She loves to try new foods with her boyfriend and to play with their two wonderful dogs.