Mitchell Harkenrider

Business Strategy Manager

Mitchell Harkenrider manages and develops TerViva’s partnership portfolio for pongamia tree cultivation and oilseed product development for the commercialization team. He evaluates and advances business development activity and builds essential functional capabilities to accelerate sustainable growth throughout TerViva’s operations.

Mitch fell in love with plants as a child while growing vegetables in his backyard with his family. He has a background in agriculture and biosciences that spans more than 10 years. His prior experience spans across the agtech sector working with startups and growth stage companies to develop go-to-market strategies and business development plans.

Mitch has trained in Plant Biosciences Policy and Regulatory Affairs at NIU Galway and Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. He holds an MS and C.Phil. in Plant Biology and Biotechnology from UC Davis and a BA in Political Science from Purdue University. In his free time, he loves to study plant fossils and dreams of going on a dig one day.