Terry Mackey

Manager, Agronomy

With over 27 years of experience in citrus management, Terry is well practiced in both the large scale production and harvest of agricultural product and brings that experience serving as TerViva’s Manager of Harvesting. His responsibilities include leadership in orchard caretaking practices for most efficient harvest, and determination of optimal time for harvesting of pongamia oilseed for desired product characteristics such as maximum oil content and seedcake, or seed destined for propagation. Terry also leads our annual commercial harvesting teams as well as proper storage environments before product is ready for processing.

During his long career in the agriculture industry, Terry has developed outstanding skills in grower relations, procurement, hauling, crop estimation, field operations, and safety protocols.  Terry’s family background includes four generations of citrus and row crop farming and he attended the University of Florida Southern with a focus on agriculture and horticulture.  As general manager of Florida Family Growers, Terry gained experience and knowledge in mechanical harvesting operations with over 5 million boxes of citrus harvested throughout the state of Florida. A two-time president of the Florida Citrus Harvesting Association, Terry is also licensed and certified as a Level 5 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency First Responder.